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Clock Tower Dead Cells

In the Clock Tower level in Dead Cells theres a mysterious door that requires the Bell Tower Key to unlock guarding a blueprint for a fancy looking shield the Punishment shield which reflects all damage on nearby enemies and does critical damage if parry is successful. Its available on all current gaming platforms.

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There is something one will never get used to.

Clock tower dead cells. 08082018 The Clock Tower is one of several levels that youll go through as you play Dead Cells and as you explore it youre going to come across a locked door that requires the Bell Tower Key to unlock it. The purpose of this need for time. In Dead Cells one item players have been wondering how to get is the Bell Tower Key.

01032016 Dead Cells is an actionplatformerroguelite game developed by Motion Twin a French independent developer based in Bordeaux. LaulanBuy the complete soundtrack here. It is a bit nauseating to climb although bearable.

Yes – 60 enemies killed. Everyone is welcome to participate. 15032021 The Clock Tower is a fifth level biome.

TAB by Misc Computer Games. First time through I didnt pick up the Cursed Chest in the Clock Tower and the shield is called Punishment so I thought maybe theres some chance. 10082018 Unlock the mysterious Clocktower door by finding the Clocktower Key in Dead Cells.

This is like a fun remix thingOfficial Channel for Dead Cells Soundtrack by Yoann. August 10 2018 In Dead Cells one item players have been wondering how to get is the Clocktower Key. The clock tower rises above the Stilt Village up into the clouds.

Is it supposed to be a teaser or some sort like the cavern. Ive spent 30 mins on Clock Tower checking every cornerwall looking for breakable ground with Beliers Rune looking for places I can climb and roll into nothing though I memorized the whole layout I had and truely have checked every wall. One can feel it looping speeding up and slowing down at the same time.

Original soundtrack created by Valmont de Ragondas. While exploring the games Clocktower area players will eventually stumble across a mysterious door that cannot be opened without a key. It requires the Spider.

1 – Clock Room Boss The Clock Tower area is accessible from either the Stilt Village or the Slumbering Sanctuary. This key will always be in one of the other towers so if you dont have it by the time you find the exit youll need to return to one of the other towers. This area consists of three large vertical towers that are connected by a flat plain.

The Clock Tower is a late game area and can be incredibly tricky due to the high abundance of strong enemies. The only thing it does not look down upon is the kings keep. At the top of one of the towers will be a locked door that you will need a key to open.

I got to the clock tower from the slumbering sanctuary and the fjord still didnt find a key. So theres this other door in the clock tower which cant be opened by the clockmakers key that one leads you to the assassin fight its another one that needs a clock tower key but i cant find it anywhere. Youll need to find the Clockmaker Key to get in which is located near the top of one of the other towers.

This subreddit is here for anyone wanting to discuss the game. 11092018 Welcome Grid Runner to the Walkthrough Guide for Dead Cells where I am going to be covering the Clock Tower Level what is a Fifth stage level within the game. The key itself is usually guarded by some combination of swinging balls and spikes so youll need to grab it when there is an opening.

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