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Best Non Desk Jobs

19042015 Veterinarians earn about 42 an hour. 27012018 If youre ready to get a non-desk job that gives you greater freedom each day different you should keep reading.

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Some non-desk jobs pay 20 per hour or more on average and are projected to grow by at least 5 percent from 2019-2024.

Best non desk jobs. 14 Geoscientists are interested in understanding the physical aspects of the Earth such as its composition structure and processes. 18072019 Nurse case managers should also be comfortable with technology. 18052019 Median annual pay.

Some of the highest-paying. USFWS Mountain-Prairie For some veterans the regular cycling between locations is one of the best features of military service. 06112020 Installing and maintaining elevators escalators and chairlifts is among the most physically demanding jobs that pay well.

31012019 Some non-desk jobs pay 20 per hour or more on average and are projected to grow by at least 5 percent from 2019-2024. 18 high-paying non-desk jobs CareerBuilder. 91130 Projected job growth through 2026.

Non-desk jobs may be your solution. They can supervise hearings of all kinds such as traffic offenses or issues concerning large corporations rights. One in seven web developers is self-employed according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which means that one in seven web developers can definitely skip the whole office experience and work from home.

This career involves assembling elevator cars replacing cables connecting wiring and adjusting components. No matter how monotonous the duty the next deployment or a change in duty station could provide a break in routine or a needed breath of fresh air. You could work at great heights or in cramped crawl spaces.

The following non-office jobs include professions that provide non-traditional work environments opportunities to develop specialized skills and advance in your career field. Judge and hearing officer. 20012020 Information About Non-Desk Jobs for Business Majors Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representative As a wholesale and manufacturing sales representative you will be responsible for selling.

Wind turbine service technicians generally work outdoors often at great heights and with a partner. 2 days ago And best of all these jobs dont just offer great environments and a slimmer waistlinethey can offer bigger paychecks. 27 Non-Desk Jobs That Pay Well.

Judges and hearing officers oversee the legal process in courts. If you want a job that doesnt fit the corporate 9 to 5 mold consider becoming an air traffic controller. 18 High-Paying Non-Desk Jobs At the top of the list is Elevator Installers and Repairers.

Non-office jobs that pay well. The main purpose is to interpret the law to determine how to proceed for. 03082012 Here are 15 of the best jobs not behind a desk featured in 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality plus information Shatkin provides about each job.

The job often requires travel. An air traffic controller helps with coordinating air traffic. Their primary duties include constructing installing and repairing structures made from wood and other materials.

20102015 Some of the most lucrative careers in the US are nondesk jobs according to an analysis of data provided by Economic Modeling Specialists. 14122016 Using data from CareerBuilder and the Bureau of Labor Statistics CNBC has compiled a list of ten non-desk jobs that pay more than 25 dollars per. Good news for anyone who doesnt want to spend their days in a cubicle behind a computer screen or chained to their desk all day.

Find hydrologist jobs on Monster. Working as an air traffic controller youll be responsible for air traffic coordination planes. Install fix and maintain elevators escalators moving walkways and.

A carpenter is a skilled craftsman who works in the construction industry. This position is needed 24 hours a day. They also make sure planes take.

These specialists are required 24 hours a day. 23122020 National average salary. Flight attendants work on planes for.

16082019 If your goal is to avoid those standard working hours an air traffic controller can be a perfect option for you.

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