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Clock Winding Key Size Chart

Many tall-case grandfather clocks require a 10 or 11 winding crank and should not be wound with a key. Choose 325 mm hole for one-day winding or 350 mm for eight-day winding.

Clock Winding Key Brass Size 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Ebay

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Clock winding key size chart. J1137 Free UK Postage. Choose 325 mm hole for one-day winding or 350 mm for eight-day winding. KEY SIZES FOR CLOCK AND WATCH WINDING Prepared for NAWCC Chapter 81 Clock Class.

The Clock key size chart has all of the sizes listed however sometimes certain key sizes are known. 23112020 The Clock key size chart will give us the right size key to order. 08072016 I finally put together a chart listing numbers for different mms.

To determine the size key you need for your clock consult the chart below. Spend this time at home to refresh your home decor style. Key size chart in both metric and inch sizes for USEnglish and Euro Swiss clock keys.

The keys in the metric system rise in 025mm one quarter millimetre increments 325mm 350mm 375mm 400mm and so on. Which size does my Clock need. Ordinarily the round ones take a number 4.

Get great deals on Clock Replacement Clock Winding Keys. The Longcase keys are manufactured with longer than normal pipes to prevent the handle snagging on the hands when winding. Most winding arbors taper out towards the the clock and the end section is.

Timelock Winding Chart Setting time 200 Orchard Dr. If you need a key larger than a size 8 please see our brass keys. Steel single end clock winding key.

With your digital gauge measure the square shaft from flat side to flat side to get the millimeter size. The American time strike antique units mostly take the size 7 key. A brass wing-style double-ended trademark winding key for antique New Haven time and strike mantel clocks.

Clock Winding Key Brass Even Sizes Star Spider Bench 2 4 6 8 10 Winder 5 Prong. Education and Equipment for Security Specialists 1-859-887-0496 Nicholasville KY 40356-2357 Opening hour – in three days Opening hour – in four days Opening hour – in five days Opening hour – in six days Setting time Opening hour – next day Opening hour – in two days. Pat Leung Instructor mm Size American Swiss Watch 095 12 100 11 105 10.

Generally speaking almost all post 1960 mechanical clocks made in Germany take a size 8 key or crank unless the movement is round. Some keys may be stamped with a different number but key size will match the chart. Our traditional clock winding keys are engineered and crafted to wind Chelseas fine timepieces.

For Westminster Chime New Haven mantel or banjo clocks order key. To find the key number measure any edge of the winding square peg in the clock or watch in millimeters and look up the charts below. The size stamped on the key refers to the size of the internal square in the key across the flats meaning if you have a clock with a 400mm winding arbor you just buy a key to fit.

Deep squares to provide a secure location on your clock. Double end clock keys In addition some keys have two sizes on one key and this is called a double end key. Give that classic American clock new life with a replacement winding key.

Even Pair Sizes 2 4 6 8 10. For those with weight cables a winding crank is used to bring the weights up. Size corresponds with SwissGerman chart.

By and large the clock key size chart will work for both the wind up part of the clock. Size 14 Vintage Crank Winding Key. We have plenty of books and videos for your clock repair and history knowledge.

The most common sizes are the middle sizes so you could take a gamble and order for instance clock key sizes 6 7 and 8 but it would be more accurate to measure the winding peg. If you are unsure what size or type of key you require please click HERE to read our advice on selecting the right type of clock key for your clock. If your buying a key that is using the American scale you would take the size of the winding arbor in mm and look it up on the chart below on a line labeled American.

Long case Grandfather clock. 31082017 31-day clocks or a KoreanChinese-made clock usually takes a number 6 or 7 key. Small end is 000 for adjusting the FS fast and slow.

Double Nickel 195mm Clock Key Winder 195DNCK Quality made strong nickel double 195mm clock key winders. Brass keys feature thick handles to resist twist when you are winding your clock. In a range of sizes from 4 to 7.

Many American-made mantel clocks use a 5 or 6 key. 01092012 Winding Key Sizes. Purchase one today for yourself or as a gift only at Chelsea Clock.

Proops Brass Spider Clock Winding Keys. To determine the key size take the measurement of the winding arbor and find it on the chart below. One side has 195mm the other have 4 – 7.

We have them in sizes up to 15. Large end is 6 for winding the clock. Free shipping on many items.

Use the drop-down menu below to choose the size. 26062018 On the back of your clock is the winding arbor the steel shaft the key fits on to.

How To Measure For Clock Key Esslinger Watchmaker Supplies Blog

How To Measure For Clock Key Esslinger Watchmaker Supplies Blog

How To Measure For Clock Key Esslinger Watchmaker Supplies Blog

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