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Her name was Yn Ln. This is a Levi x Reader x Eren modern AU.

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Levi x Reader x Eren lemon.

Levi x reader x eren. Wha- Shut up titan-boy. 13112019 Read Levi x reader x yandere Eren from the story Levi x reader oneshots by leviackerbutt leviackerbooty with 4728 reads. 26042015 LOVE HURTS YandereEren x reader x Levi 129K 33K 1K.

Literature Text I write crackfic with badly written grammar dont like it. She wanted everyone to loosen. Next they did the same to themselves leaving them in their boxers.

Eren pulled your shirt off while Levi pull off your pants. Anyways on to the story. Log in Sign up.

I cant describe this story other than Its an attack in titan fanfic I. No Levi Ackerman is the type of guy who will make you scream his name the whole night without any pauses or interruptions even worse hed make sure youd know he is the. But little did he know so did someone else.

YN a Simple Girl she meets Levi and Eren. You ask while being handed a small man child with jet-black hair. Oh dear I love Levi so much but I just had to do this one.

Kenny Ackerman – Freeform. Its catching up. I shout things like FUCK MY LIFE.

Eren asked looking over at Jean who was sitting on the other side of Mikasa. Im starting my period. Action AnimeManga Fanfiction Attack On Titan Levi Levi X Reader You are a girl with autism who wished that she lived in an anime.

It doesnt seem. In a world ruled by gigantic giants called Titan there was a little girl. 23072014 Ereans back was against the frame you were sitting in between his legs while Levi was in front of you.

I wake up to feel a stabbing pain. You rolled your eyes and lazily scooped another spoonful of soup into your mouth. Rated M for adult situations and language.

I hear Levi knocking. The baby looked at you and frowned Bitch I. Hanji has a yearly thing where you put your wishes into a box and the will supposedly come true.

Levi x Reader x Eren Add to Favourites. A canon-verse fix-it fic starring Levi Ackerman x NurseReader. You giggled to yourself where no one else could see you after curfew in the corner of the library looking down at the sheer embarrassing words you had scrawled on the small pieces of paper Hanji had forced upon you.

25072014 Levi x reader x Eren 146K 401 208. Femreader —–Levi has always been known for his cold demeanor his stoic expressions and his blunt answers. Aotfanfiction erenjaeger erenxreaderxlevi levirivaille snkfanfiction.

Reader x Levi and Eren One Shots Jealous Levi x Reader. Mikasa ackerman – Freeform. Eren loved her more than anything in the world.

Itd been going on longer than you would have liked. I Love YouCheaterLevi x Reader AU Warning. Mentions death and has cursing.

You alright I hear him ask with concern. I estimate the word count to be around 250k. So many emotions are well hidden behind those steel gray eyes.

You said to her. Emotional Games LEMON Fanfiction. She learned early how cruel the world was in which she lived.

The story will be updated biweekly unless I can get far enough ahead to post weekly. No not messing around in a dirty way so scratch that thought right out of your brains. Theyd look up at you whisper fervently before he.

Eren Jeager – Freeform. Eren Yeager – Freeform. But this time she decides that this year will be different this year t.

This will be split into 10 Acts and each Act will have multiple Scenes aka chapters. Baby Levi BabyLevi x Reader x Eren CrackFic. AnimeManga Levi Anime X Reader Shingeki No Kyojin Attack On Titan Eren Jaeger.

тαɴgƖeɗ coɴғιɗeɴce You and Eren were doing laps as a punishment for messing around with each other while the both of you were on cleaning duty. Levi x reader with Eren and Mikasa x3 Period. 31072014 Eren x Reader x Levi.

But the wish goes wrong. Levi snaked his arms around you unclasping your bra. Levi is not the kind of guy who would kiss your tears away as he rams himself inside of you neither is he the kind of guy to restrain himself to help you out.

30122014 Read Chapter 1 from the story Levi x reader x Eren by Just_another_fangal with 64191 reads. I do not own the characters on Attack. Levi x eren x reader.

It was watching Eren like a prey that she must absolutely capture. This is gonna be a doozy folks. Then kindly exit out.

Soon after you mee. I move Eren as I burst in the bathroom. Discover more posts about levi ackerman x reader.

Its a good thing you sat in between them. Thats a false accusation I-I wasnt with Marco. Silently loving you—–in which levi finally confesses his feelings for you.

Eren grit his teeth hating how that Titan looked back not caring a bit about the lives it killed. The secretive glances to one another the whispers that were almost immediately by muffled giggles. Jealous Levi x Reader x Eren Modern AU 202K 57K 31K.

Dor CheaterLevi x Reader x CheaterEren Deviation Actions. Levi x Reader – Rougher is better. But the poor man is just misunderstood.

Terrible Love Chapter Seven Levi x Reader x Eren Eren looks behind and sees the female Titanits mouth curling up at the tips and its azure eyes staring back. I put on a pad as I let out a sigh of relief only to be filled with pain. Elf Queen 20 cloud TAGLINE Pizzaaa.

Youre a new student a Titan High School and you meet a kid named Eren and you become instant best friends. Jean protested leaning over the table so he could see past Mikasa and at Eren. You both are considered.

Eren x Reader – Freeform. Levi and you are in your last year in a prestigious law school. Love Wars An Attack On Titan Fanfiction 185K 53K 96K.

Is that really my baby.

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